For many years, while other universities in the central NJ area (such as TCNJ and Rutgers) were cultivating their university’s melee scene, Princeton’s scene remained virtually non-existent. Though some students had discussed the idea of starting a university club, it was never acted upon because there weren’t enough people interested and no one really wanted to fill out paperwork, talk to the administration, recruit, etc. It took a long time for a group of committed students to actually get organized and found the club. The inaugural club meeting/fest was held on the first day of the 2017-2018 school year, almost 16 years after the game’s release.


  • Create a network of students who can play together informally throughout the week
  • Help students improve via a large weekly practice session with a booked room
  • Hold weekly free entry tournaments to give students more experience competing, with a stream for commentary practice and VODs to review
  • Add incentive to do well at these tournaments by maintaining a university PR
  • Host a large semesterly tournament involving prizes, fun events like crew battles/ironman, and free food to attract new members and give existing members a higher-stakes environment to play in
  • Coordinate joint events with Princeton eSports
  • Organize trips to nationals (potentially with university funding)
  • Represent Princeton in eSports competitions such as TMG and CSL


Name: Fiona
Year: 2019
Major: Computer Science
Position: President
How You Got Into Melee: I played PM during senior year of high school, but I didn’t start playing melee until freshman year here. I was having a pretty rough time adjusting to college life and didn’t really know what to do on campus. Playing melee was one of the few things that made me happy during that period, and it also helped me meet some awesome people.
Biggest Melee Achievement: Taking a stock off S2J’s falcon in tournament at Royal Flush. He was probably just dicking around but hey we take those.

Name: Aidan
Year: 2020
Major: Math
Position: Vice President
How You Got Into Melee: I began playing melee during sophomore year of high school, so I’ve been playing for a little over 3 years now. I also started a scene at my high school while I was there, and I was the best for a while. During senior year, though, someone got gud and stole the #1 PR spot from me feelsbadman.
Biggest Melee Achievement: Almost taking a stock off m2k at Apex 2015… and then proceeding to get 8 stocked.